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But your tight nerves will affect your gastrointestinal digestion and cause stomach problem. Please pay attention to do self-decompression timely. The snake lady loves to be fashionable. She likes the dress of luxuriant and noble and always dresses appropriately. She pursues prosperity and wealth, she will try every means to change her destiny.

She also asks her husband to be motivated and she can be a good wife. A woman who is a snake is open-minded and doesn't want to compete with a man. She is confident that she can conquer men's hearts and make him willing to work for herself. A snake man is often yearning for excitement and passionate love, so there will always be multiple women around him in his life. Their visions of love are new and fashion. They know how to express love with action, and also understand the psychology of girls.

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But while they act, they do not reveal their thoughts which makes it impossible for others to understand their hearts, so it's harder for them to find a true lover. People born in the year of snake generally have a relatively smooth childhood and youth age. They grew up in stable environments. In middle age, many undesirable things will gradually appear, but it will not affect you.

What should be noted is your old age. There is a saying that the snake man is an incredible man in the zodiac, and a very difficult man to deal with.

Chinese Astrology: 2013 Horoscopes Year of the Snake

There is another saying that the most beautiful woman and the strongest man in the world were born in the year of the snake. The snake people with a smooth-tongue will easy to cheat in words after marriage. Even if it's a valid reason to work overtime, he won't tell the real reason necessarily.

But if the other half raises any questions about fidelity, he is going to be very reactive and cause constant dispute. Therefore, the way to get along with each other is to regard mutual trust as the principle, so as to resolve the small and trivial things in life. Although there is no great hardship and failure in the family, but the hearts of husband and wife deviate from each other. Disasters will come. The snake also called "small dragon". In the idiom, the snake often presents a vivid, smart and clever feeling.

Therefore, it is not appropriate for a snake person to show excessive enthusiasm when dating a blind date, because not all people can accept your enthusiasm. When dating, you can wear your own triad to enhance your popularity with the opposite sex. Can be good or bad. The mouse's tenderness and thoughtfulness can make his wife very happy, but his wife may still develop her feelings to others which make the rat husband frustrated.

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The two sides have different aspirations, different tastes, and difficult to communicate. An appropriate match, and the man will be proud of his wife's beauty, but it is a pity that the woman's appearance may not be for her husband. Marriage is more harmonious, you can flatter each other, and are good at maintaining the face of the partner, so there is less conflict.

An appropriate match. The man is strong in self-reliance, and you will feel comfortable with such a person. Marriage is unsatisfied. The two sides cannot understand each other and the family is not peaceful. Love is difficult to have a happy ending, because she is more impulsive, cannot stay together for a long time.. Not very good, the two sides calculate each other, even when they are in love.

They get along with constant quarrel. As the snake man enters the year , which is the year of the dog, the overall horoscope is not bad. Will get on well with leaders and co-workers, team spirit can be fully played. And many difficulties can be solved. Especially for people engaged in trade, sales and other industries, both new customer expansion and turnover improvement are expected to be promoted.

But the career achievement in this year is limited in general. All things should be thought twice, not to do things beyond the scope of your ability. You should make good friends and only employ honest people this year. Single snake people are expected to find a good marriage this year.

Unwed lovers have a desire to organize their families. But those who are married, regardless of their gender, should be wary of the negative influence of "red luan", and pay attention to the separation of the opposite sex, in case they fall into a triangle. In the year , the wealth horoscope of the snake will be greatly challenged. And there will be a significant decline comparing to the year For a snake friend who runs a company, the fortunes of are doomed to be full of frustrations and obstacles. Small people may appear a whole year round, money may be taken away and will encounter powerful competitors in business.

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The expenses will increase and money may be leaked to small persons around. If you encounter something troublesome, you can seek help from your elders. For snake people who get paid for work, despite the hard work and pressure, all the effort will be rewarded. There will be small people in the workplace. It is better not to engage in speculation, gambling, investment and other things, or it is easy to lose money and even worse.

As the snake enters , the career horoscope ups and downs, just like the wave duckweed and need to be vigilant. For a snake friend who runs a company, the situation is more complicated in , especially for who engages in a competitive industry with a partner. If you have a partner, be wary of him using a variety of conspiracies to occupy your own interests. At the same time, the snake people should be cautious in their investment and try to minimize the risks of gambling, speculation and other risks.

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For snake people who get paid for work, good luck and bad luck come along together in The snake man shows his talent and can gain more wealth through his hard work. Raises, bonuses and other things will all go up significantly. But the fruits of their labor seizing by small persons is easy to happen. Stepping into , the snake's love horoscope will be complicated, and emotional problems will be a mess.

For the single snake friend, there are a lot of people who you are not interested in surrounded you. Especially for single men, they are easy to fall in love with dissolute women and suffer from the pain of love. For the love and married snake friends, the inharmonious situation between the two sides is obviously increased, and the probability of marriage crisis is obviously improved. When encountering problems, do not be obstinate blindly, but to listen to more people's dissuasion.

Facing the problems with a common heart to solve the disaster.

Chinese Astrology: 2013 Horoscopes Year of the Snake

Although there are few immediate afflictions and disasters, but there are many physical problems, which can be a hidden trouble for future health. Unrestrained eating, weight gain will greatly affect the functions of spleen and stomach as well as liver. Especially for middle-aged people, taking as the node and the body will be increasingly weakened.

Tigers should also be patient with lovers and friends, toning down the drama, as this year does not favor impetuousness. Educational pursuits should go quite well.

Chinese Horoscope - The Year Of The Green Wood Snake

Rabbit , , , , , , , , Positive: Tactful, intelligent, caring, considerate, and virtuous. Negative: Pedantic and secretive.

These people can appear a little cold and distant at times. Chinese Astrology Horoscope for the Rabbit: Rabbits should do fairly well in , the year of the Snake. Rabbits can appear aloof sometimes, and this is not a bad quality in a Snake year, but if Rabbits communicate more frequently and more openly, this will contribute greatly to their success.