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The bottleneck of evolution. Lucien was satisfied after hearing this. He wanted to have some background in the new world. He knew that the world of Tokyo Ghoul was a rather cruel place and many of ghoul families were slaughtered. Especially part when he heard he could evolve infinitely. My second wish is that my Kagune and is detachable and could be formed to weapons and other objects with enough RC Cells and my last wish is that I could save one wish for later opportunities.

I don't know what to wish now so I want to save it. Lucien really didn't know what to chose so he just wanted to keep it. The administrator was really surprised at his choices and was somewhat happy. You will have your wishes and last wish will be saved for later. You can redeem it anytime through your Record in Akashic Records.

Now please look at your Record. It will be already updated with new information and rankings. Sacred Devourer - Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount. Divine Telekinesis - Divine Telekinesis is an extremely rare variant of telekinesis ability. It has much more power and requires lower Psionic Energy to activate only if a person has inborn Divine Telekinesis.

If someone wants to learn this type of ability requirements will be tremendous. Psionic Energy-Special form of energy, stored in brain. Can be cultivated and is power needed to perform Divine Telekinesis. Lucien was extremely pleased as he was looking at his record. He was very confident to have a very successful life and reach a high level of power. Asked Administrator after looking at Lucien's smiling face.

Introducing The New Science

He knew the answer and still asked a question. With this road to power will be somewhat easier. Thank you very much, Administrator, of Akashic Records. When you reach a certain level of power and gain a stable foothold in that world you would be able to travel to another world. This is something you have already noticed. It's because the world you have chosen in some ways considered as Low-Level one and after some time you won't have opportunities to evolve there. This was already something that Lucien knew. World of Tokyo Ghoul was really lower-leveled compared to other worlds as cultivation worlds or some anime worlds.

He knew that after some time he won't be able to evolve any further so he will be forced to leave to another world to seek power. You will be always able to return to the world if you are considered as owned of that world by Akashic Records. You only need to do a few things for ownership but as that world is low-level one it will be very easy.

So good luck to you. Maybe five years and maybe even ten hard to say. Lucien only hardly heard what was an old man screaming as he was already disappearing from the space.

Prologue Summary

Imagine being such a weirdo that you knowingly make yourself into a being that eat humans. I like it. If you ever go to pick it up again go for the manga, as the anime can't be watched without it and even then it doesn't do the manga justice. Background default yellow dark. Font Nunito Sans Merriweather.

Akashic Earth | Michael M. Nielson

Advertisement Pornographic Personal attack Other. The total score 0. Chapter 1: Prologue. After seeing that young man was still confused he continued to talk.

Prologue Summary

Now he was choosing his three wishes. Lucien looked at his own record too. He was curious at changes. Trafford Tokyo Ghoul Yeeees. Comments 58 Antonfire Imagine being such a weirdo that you knowingly make yourself into a being that eat humans. TheWorldOverHeaven If you ever go to pick it up again go for the manga, as the anime can't be watched without it and even then it doesn't do the manga justice.

View All Comments. Rate this chapter. Vote with Power Stone. Table of Contents. Report inappropriate content. Report abuse. Five years after at the age of 49 I was walking home from work, when I was…wait before that I should say that even if I was 49 I looked not older than It is all thanks to genetic modification drugs that I received at the beginning of a war. Thanks to them my life span increased from approximately years to , with my physique which was chubby my strength was at the level of the Rock times three, of course there were humans that were much stronger than me.

Back on the topic when I was heading home, I was involved in a traffic accident.

Chapter 1: The Galactic Patrolman Goes To Earth (Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Prologue)

Now I know that a few drunk rich kids run me over in their cars, but then I did not know that. As I woke up, I realized that I was in an empty white room. In front of me sitting on a simple stool was a Gandalf lookalike. He explained that I died and was destined to reincarnate to another world. A world of swords and magic! A world with a game system! I had a little chat with him and came to know that he was the God! At that world, I was reborn as a half elf boy, in a low aristocratic family in an empire at that world.

By the age of I defeated all threats…81 demon king, 9 demon lords, 3 dark and 3 demon gods and even a Dark Demon God! That year I proposed to a princess of the same empire! A pure blood high elf, with a slim body build and petite chest, her height was cm and the long blond hair reached till her waist.

While the head Pope of the biggest religion of that world was making his speech right before our vows. Right when I thought that this is the happiest day in my two lives…. The reality came down crashing on me. In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement.

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Next Chapter. You know was a hero once. At least I thought I was. Now I am a tyrant though. Nevertheless, let us start at the beginning. I was born on Earth, no not your Earth. My earth is located at the universe Next was European Dominion. Euro Union that became one country and then conquered Africa. Then there is USA. It now includes all of North and South American continents plus Greenland.

No, I did not forget about Australia and Antarctica. In Antarctica just likes on your Earth, no one wants to live.

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The war itself lasted 10 years and in the end, none of the superpowers used a nuclear weapon.