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Australia is another popular draw for IT talent.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD ranks Sydney as the 5 th most expensive city to live, so think about cost of living and quality of life when you have to commute for hours to get to work. With brush fires commonplace in Australia and drought-ridden California, you only have look at the lush nature around us to see that the grass is pretty green right here.

Successful IT companies such as Xero have proven that New Zealand can innovate and compete on the global stage. The old adage is true; the mother of invention is necessity.

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New Zealand has a history of innovating; we just need to do more of it. At ClearPoint we believe that innovation can occur anywhere and anytime. Discussion and debate between peers from different industries is a good stimulus for creativity and innovation. In the limelight for a decade now, biotechnology is a research-intensive industry and requires good experimental skills, which is usually obtained by working on long-duration projects and integrating a variety of experimental skills.

But often four years is insufficient to teach a vast subject like biotechnology. Postgraduate students who did their B. Often there is very little exposure to the industry and the laboratory work is very limited at the UG level.

Nandhineeswari, a second-year M. Tech student of Food Technology at Anna University. Of late, other engineering disciplines have a greater interaction with biology and there is also a greater degree of overlap between different bio-engineering disciplines, in terms of the tools and techniques used for research.

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Thangaraj, vice-chancellor, Anna University of Technology, Chennai. Thangaraj underlines the need to take the message to the postgraduate-level students that research is a career option and profitable proposition also if they get down to patenting from which royalties could be huge. Talking of health, nanoscience seems to hold the future in medical diagnostics and treatment.

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Still in its infant stages in the country, nanoscience is another subject frequently talked about. It is not an easy discipline.

Another discipline, the academics think has a future is material sciences.