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Work that thin bar with deep creases down to a jagged soap icicle. And then make a big decision: 1.

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Soap surgery: Here's where you attempt to extend the soap's life span by melting it onto the back of a new bar. This results in a slippery and awkward bar that requires patience, car, and understanding houseguests. This would my husband's preference 2. Pushing through: You work that soap icicle till it's a goner, through the soap shards, middle-splitting, and long bouts of hand washing, that involve scrubbing dime sized bits of soap between your fingers for ten minutes.

This just sounds dangerous to me I personally think it takes too much effort. If I've dropped that darn thing more than 2x in one shower, I'm just going to watch it spiral down the drain What does everyone else do with that last piece of soap??? Apr 29, , pm. Well what a treat for my own return to the fold after a fortnight in the UK Valerie! So pleased to see you back and with wondrous news to boot. Joshua looks a delightfully jolly little fellow and Caleb has grown tremendously since you were last with us.

Those little monkeys are so cute I just wanna squeeze 'em!! I mean, seriously, lady. And Charlie just walked by the computer and said, "Aww! Those babies are so cute! I couldn't leave your thread without scrolling back up there to those photos. And it's absolutely impossible to look at those smiling little faces without smiling right back at them! Thanks Paul! I'm excited to be back as well and looking forward to catching up with everyone. Will be swinging by your thread when I have a moment. Besides keeping me busy and on my toes, they are also so stinkin' cute, but as their mom, I realize that I'm completely and utterly biased and that's ok!

Haha Katie , I've switched to liquid for the past few years as well. My husband still uses the block soap and of course over time, that thing always mutates into weird odd shapes as he melds the last bit with a new one But I can't tell you what the weather is like up north as I've moved south in your absence only a month ago so it's still newish news.


I'm now in Lethbridge so we're still Alberta buddies. Okay as long as you are still in the province, you are still in my good books. I've only passed by there once on our way to the States. We are having better weather this week as well. Nice and sunny but man, oh man, that wind can kick up out of nowhere! Valerie, its so good to see you back here with new baby in tow. Joshua is a cutie and the picture of Caleb and Joshua is priceless.

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It is evident that they adore each other! I look forward to seeing what you are reading and to seeing more of your growing family. Our newest granddaughter was born almost six weeks early last November. She is quickly catching up to where she needs to be. Too bad for me that she lives 12 hours away from us in Denver.

Here you are!! Look at all the happy people who are glad to have you back Valerie. And you added another beautiful baby. All the more reason to come here and see wonderful pictures. As far as the soap goes, life is too short to be bothered melting onto a new bar!! Are there really people who do that? When it gets to a size not worth bothering with I throw it out.

I got a full-time permanent gig at the public library down here. Apr 30, , am. Donna , Hope looks absolutely precious and thank goodness even though she came early, everything turned ok! It amazes me the miracles of modern medicine and what would have once been impossible is very, very, possible today.

Here I am Bonnie!

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This is such a special group and I'm so surprised that people still remember who I am?? Now, that was an excellent read. That's fantastic news Micky!

A full time position isn't easy to come by in the library world is it? Too bad you didn't come to Calgary! I love our library here. So many awesome services and so affordable, especially for someone like me who tends to blow way too much money on book buying. Apr 30, , pm. Caleb and Joshua are gorgeous, Valerie! So tickled you are back! Thanks Diana! They definitely keep me busy..

Thanks Nancy!

I'm mighty tickled myself. Glad to see you have you around. May 1, , am. Oh Valerie! Your little guys are so handsome and have million dollar smiles. You must melt every time they grin. You've been reading a great selection of books. I need to begin reading newer material as I try to strictly read off my shelf and by the time I get to the new stuff, well, it's old too. I picked up some newer books at the library yesterday and crossed my fingers that I'll be able to squeeze them in. Edited: May 23, , pm.

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April Round-up: Total books read: 9 Total pages read: Average rating: 3. Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey - An exciting and dramatic conclusion to the Imriel trilogy filled with political intrigue, passion and lust, and the power of love to conquer everything. Thanks Lynda! I struggle with the same problem.

Originally I had the intention of reading all the books on the shelf of shame first because I'm embarassed to say there are books there that I bought over 10 years ago that still have not been touched! But then I realized that if I only read old stuff, then the new stuff will then end up being old and I'm back to square one again. The whole situation is all the more complicated when I go to the library and there is always a shelf of New and Notable books that of course I HAVE to read and those are not renewable so I have 3 weeks to finish them.

So now, I'm just going prioritize and read all the library books first since there is a time limit on them and I'll TRY to squeeze some older OTS books inbetween as well. Too many books, not enough time!!!!! May 1, , pm. Valerie do you listen to audio books? I find I can do that on my iPhone while doing some chores and grocery shopping.

Do you love to color?

Prime time is when my mom is napping so that may work out for you. I also listen in the car but with little ones that will not work for you unless it's their stuff. Edited: May 7, , pm. Does being different make one not worthy of a life of love and acceptance? For as long as she can remember, Coralie Sardie has admired God unique creations from afar. Locked behind glass containers and cages, these one of a kind wonders exist as men who resemble animals and animals born with rare traits and oddities.

Often misunderstood and abused by the world, they are family and became a source of comfort to Coralie who harbouring a secret of her own has yearnings to be loved and accepted for who she is and not what makes her different. Set against a tumultuous New York city at the turn of the century, a chance encounter with a mysterious man hiding from his own past sets off a series of events that include a murder mystery, civil unrest, class struggles, and ultimately a search for the truth that has evaded her since birth.

Alice Hoffman has a gift for creating complex, multi-fauceted, fully fleshed characters that jump off the page into your imagination. The Museum for Extraordinary Things is no exception.

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Although I didn't completely connect with the characters in comparison to her other books, it did not detract from my enjoyment of the story in the least. The book is an interesting blend of nature's curiosities, the tension and strain of relationships with fathers, and a love line that doesn't really bloom until the last couple of chapters. Overall an engaging reading experience and worthwhile investment. Edited: May 1, , pm.