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The balloon flew for 2 miles 3.

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The first animals in outer space were fruit flies launched in a captured Nazi V-2 rocket on Feb. The flies reached an altitude of 68 miles km and were recovered alive by parachute.

Albert II became the first monkey in space on June 4, He reached an altitude of 83 miles km , but died on impact when the parachute failed. A previous monkey, Albert I, died when the V-2 rocket failed before reaching peak altitude. A mouse launched on Aug. Several other mice were launched during the s.

First Animal In Space

A total of 32 monkeys have flown in space, including from left : rhesus macaques, cynomolgus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and pig-tailed monkeys. Chimpanzees have also flown. In the s, the Soviet Union launched a total of 12 dogs on various suborbital flights. Stray dogs were used since they were thought to be capable of handling extreme cold.

Laika became the first living being to orbit the Earth on Sputnik 2, Nov. She died several hours into the flight from stress and heat.

Sputnik and Muttnik

On May 28, , rhesus monkey Able and squirrel monkey Baker became the first to successfully return to Earth after space flight. The Soviet Sputnik 5 Aug.

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The passengers were the dogs Belka and Strelka, plus a gray rabbit, 42 mice, two rats and fruit flies. On Jan. Enos became the first chimp to orbit a Mercury spacecraft on Nov.

He has spent his life growing up and living in Colorado and Arizona, right in the new old west. His first interests have been to preserve the land and live with all the creatures placed there with him. He is now retired from his entrepreneurial activities, mostly real estate and ranching, in his 81 years and divides his time among Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. His diversion over the years has been dancing to good, two-stepping, western music, playing pool whenever possible, and reading a good book till sleep comes.

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The author enjoys living among the characters of the new old west and depicts them realistically. His strength lies in being there first hand as an expert witness among his peers. Cow Dogs to Outer Space Craft.

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