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A genetic map of date palm. The consensus genetic map of a cross between Khalas female and 4 different male parents. Linkage groups were sorted by size and marker types were assigned colors. Red: heterozygous in female parent and homozygous in male parent; Green: heterozygous in both parents; Blue: heterozygous in the male parent and homozygous in the female parent; Purple: markers selected as linked to gender. A first genetic map of date palm Phoenix dactylifera reveals long-range genome structure conservation in the palms.

Figure 2. Date palm genetic map Inter-marker distance plot. The distance between adjacent markers on the genetic map were plotted as a histogram. This is likely due to bias of the method for certain gene dense regions as it relies on alignment to a reference sequence assembled from short read alignments.

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Figure 3. Comparison of centimorgan lengths of linkage groups to physically measured date palm chromosomes. We plotted their reported lengths and the centimorgan based lengths of linkage groups reported in this study for the Khalas cultivar.


The scaled lengths from the two methods show very good correlation over all. Differences in lengths may be due to differences in cultivar type or incomplete extension of the linkage group from unincorporated markers. Figure 4. SNPs segregating with gender in 3 female and 2 male genomes were plotted. LG12 contains the only region of high density segregating SNPs in the genome, suggesting it is indeed the sex chromosome. Localization of the sex determination region to a portion of the chromosome suggests the rest of the chromosome is still freely recombining.

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Free Preview. First book covering various aspects of date palm biotechnology Thirty two chapters supported with necessary backgrounds, tables, and figures Each chapter are authored by top experts in their field including their own experience Provides comprehensive research progress and current applications including commercial aspects see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover.

Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. Genome-wide association mapping of date palm fruit traits, Nature Communications DOI: Provided by New York University. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission.

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The content is provided for information purposes only. Evolution can reconfigure gene networks to deal with environmental change 4 hours ago. Relevant PhysicsForums posts Should I pee or hold it to stay warm?

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