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Google notes the keywords that are used as a backlink, and these should be as relevant and natural as possible. In other words, poorly written content that is posted on irrelevant, weak websites with a backlink pointing to your website may do more harm to your website than help it. These are only a handful of the ranking factors of the Google Algorithm. Of the hundreds of other factors, many are more technical and detailed, and are worked with daily by search engine optimizers.

Understanding the idea behind the Google algorithm and the work of SEO companies gives individuals a better understanding of the importance of this industry and how it will continue to grow in the future. As search engine optimizers, we must adapt to the changes Google makes to its algorithm and attempt to predict and prepare for future updates. Through my mere six months working in the field of Internet marketing, I have learned a large amount of information and become familiar with an assortment of new software and tools.

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I have a much better understanding of the role of an Internet marketer, as well as a growing comprehension of the task of Search Engine Optimization. As an emerging member of this field, I have noted a few aspects of higher education Internet marketing that share a level of importance that far exceeds what I previously assumed. The following are four factors of Internet marketing that I find noteworthy, mainly due to the fact that I was previously unaware of their significance and influence in the field.

In this blog entry, I will only briefly explain each of the four, where as each factor has tremendous depth and technical aspects, which will be explored at a later date. The continued large-scale use of search engines by consumers has caused a push for a strong online presence by businesses. As businesses strive to be listed on search engine result pages SERPs , search engines work hard to give their users the most relevant and reliable results. The three main search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo, with the market share of Google far outshining the other two.

Search engine rankings report that as of March , Google holds With billions of searches taking place on Google monthly, it is easy to understand its power in Internet marketing. Google may have started as strictly a search engine without advertisements, but it has turned into a massive business offering many forms of marketing. Another tool, Google Analytics , is used by many businesses to track the actions of visitors on their website or websites. So Google is not only the main search engine used in the U.

The power of Google in this industry is immense, and this influence can make or break businesses depending on whether a specific set of rules are followed.

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Here is a breakdown of the top ten. As you can see, if your website is ranked 3 as opposed to 1 for certain keywords, you are missing out on a drastic amount of traffic.

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This statistic clearly explains the importance of SEO in Internet marketing. Now you may be wondering how you get your website to the top of search results, which is exactly what Search Engine Optimization deals with. Google has a complex algorithm, which they apply to search results to determine the order. This algorithm is a big secret in the industry, just as the exact recipe of Coca Cola is heavily protected. If the exact Google algorithm got out, marketers and business would do everything in their power to make their website fit perfectly, ruining the natural and honest search results that Google strives for.

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Before entering this industry, I was aware that Google was a major player in Internet marketing, but I did not know to what extent. I now have a strong awareness of the importance of ranking highly in search engines, and am conscious of the marketing tactics used across the Internet to gain high rankings on the SERPs. My first two insights dealt mainly with ranking high on search engines to get potential customers to your site, but what happens when they arrive?

It is almost as important to have a clean and well put together website as it is to drive in extra traffic. When a visitor arrives at a webpage, if they are overwhelmed by excessive text or a poor website, they may simply leave without doing anything. A website needs to be designed to catch as many visitors as possible, without the chance for confusion. We may like to think that people are patient enough to click through a few pages to get to their desired location, but with each page they must go through, you lose more and more visitors.

A way to measure this is by reviewing the Bounce Rate found in Google Analytics, which simply is the number of visitors who visit your website and either leave right away or leave without doing anything. If you are seeing a high bounce rate, you may not be an appropriate site for the keywords the visitor searched.

This is especially important when working with paid advertising, since you are paying for each one of those clicks.

Web pages need to be optimized for relevancy in regards to searchable keywords and well designed in order not to lose potential clients. A landing page is simply a page that is free from large amounts of distracting text and links, and offers the visitor some form of call to action. Over the past six months, I have gained a deeper understanding of how this industry is constantly changing.

Anyone who claims to know the future of how this industry in going to change in the next six months is simply guessing. Internet marketers have drastically different tactics today than they did a year ago, and I am interested to see how this industry develops in the next year. The environment of the Internet is exciting due to the fact that it is constantly evolving with new websites, forms of social media, information systems, and tools to help keep individuals organized, informed, and entertained.

Establishing and maintaining relationships online is crucial for Internet marketers. These relationships are the backbone to link building and advertising techniques, as well as determine your social media presence in the online community. Marketers of higher education build online relationships for many purposes, including guest blogging, reaching out to experts and bloggers in their niche, and advertising opportunities. When faced with the challenge of reaching out virally, many may be overwhelmed with who to target and how to find them. To reach out to webmasters who manage strong blogs in your niche, use top search engines and their advanced searching tools.

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Using the advanced search tool, you can filter through unrelated blogs and find an accurate list of websites ready to be contacted. These webmasters may be able to offer link building and guest blogging opportunities, advertising space, or may be willing to write about a specific aspect of your university program, which can be shared across social media channels. It is important to remember that many webmasters do not solely manage websites for a living; they also have full-time jobs and busy lives. Keeping this in mind, it is important to do some research before sending off a generic email. Without careful preparation of a personalized email, a marketer may lose a potential relationship with a webmaster or their email may be disregarded as blatant advertising.

While a template email is important for large-scale outreach, it is equally important to personalize each message to show webmasters you have a genuine interest in their site. In regards to guest blogging outreach, showing the webmaster that you enjoy their website and have read articles they have published can go a long way in establishing a beneficial relationship.

The following are a few more techniques when designing a personalized email for guest blogging purposes. Marketers may use social media outreach in place of email, or better yet, can use social media to supplement email outreach. Along with this, a professional looking Facebook account and Twitter can be used for outreach also. LinkedIn can also be used along side or in place of email to develop online relationships with others.

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Social media outlets should be used to reach out to individuals through the Internet, as well as to develop trust and familiarity by sharing content. If you wish to publish an article on a respected blog, it would be a good idea to follow that blog on Twitter as well as share a few articles you like through Facebook.

A webmaster can review this information and see you as a trustworthy individual, not just a marketer merely looking to link build. Here are a few things to watch out for when reaching out via email or social media channels:. When reaching out to others online, it is important to do so effectively to avoid losing potential relationships with prominent webmasters. There are a few techniques that marketers can take advantage of to ensure they are not presenting themselves in a negative light.

Being unique and creative through email personalization and original article topics ideas for guest blogging can spark the interest of a variety of webmasters, creating mutually beneficial, long-term online relationships. Search engine optimization SEO and Internet marketing are rapidly growing as businesses continue to understand and strive for a profound online presence.

Universities and colleges across the United States are developing their web presence in order to cater to those who wish to complete degrees online as opposed to on campus. For these universities to efficiently market online, they must design their websites to fit the standards of leading search engines.

Search engines, such as Google, have tremendous power in regards to the amount of traffic a webpage receives. This is due to the behavior of the public online, who almost exclusively type keywords in a search engine to find what they are looking for. Because of the general reliance on search engines, Internet marketers must comply with a continually changing set of standards in order for a webpage to be easily visible in the search results.

Internet marketers work to design or tweak websites to represent the designated keywords their target audience types into a search engine. They also must build the strength of the targeted website in order for it to outrank competitors. One way to do so is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is simply the act of an individual creating and publishing a blog post on a website or blog that they do not own.