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Some of the topics covered in this 92 page treatise are: tempo choices, rhythmic pitfalls, dynamic adjustments, ensemble considerations, breathing advice, tone qualities, special fingerings, "insider" strategies, articulation style and performance traditions. There are special rhythmic and technical exercises for Beethoven Leonore No. All the musical examples have been reset, correcting the misprints that have persisted for many years in the original printed parts.

This book belongs in the library of all aspiring orchestral players and those who wish to improve their skills and their teachers. Click on the cover image to view the Table of Contents for this volume. This book is designed to help the flutist transfer the playing techniques of the flute to the piccolo.

The method employed is the use of a very considerable number of orchestral excerpts. Email us info vcisinc. Winzer Press, , SB, pages. This book offers an inspiring and artistic application of the teachings of Jean-Pierre Rampal and Alain Marion to daily studies, etudes, and traditional repertoire.

In twelve chapters Sheryl Cohen explores the Rampal School's poetic approach to expressive phrasing as a foundation to develop musical artistry, creative practice methods, breath control tone, articulation, and technique, all while searching to free the artist from within. It includes 34 etudes, 33 solo movements, and daily studies. Universal Edition, Includes both the flute and piano parts. The parts have been annotated in red by the author. This book also includes biographical information on Hindemith, photographs, and charming illustrations taken from his drawings.

Carl Fischer, , SS, 45 pages plus piano accompaniment 35 pages. The purpose of this book is to provide high school students with or without a private teacher with a comprehensive collection of materials that will satisfy the needs of most college music auditions. It includes information on how to take an audition, music placement exams, selecting a college, and repertoire of the most often requested material. Falls House Press, , SS, 8 pages. This brief booklet explains how to map the intonation tendencies of your flute and how to adjust and then memorize the adjustments and test again.

This text presents numerous jazz lines in Charlie's style, grouped by their application in a given harmonic content. Students will learn to connect lines to play over ii-V-I progressions, turnarounds and other harmonic frameworks. To facilitate proficiency in all twelve keys, each section of the book has a chordal play-along that modulates around the circle of fourths.

Some of the techniques used in Charlie Parker style are also discussed with examples provided. This helps musicians analyze each of the ideas presented, further ensuring their mastery. Jim Snidero flute with rhythm section. This is the entry level book although the difficulty level isn't much different from the next book. It has 15 solo etudes for jazz phrasing, interpretation and improvisation. The CD includes performances of each piece with the soloist and rhythm section and of the rhythm section alone.

Includes a brief introduction that discusses phrasing and ways this book can be used. Frank Wess flute with rhythm section. This is the original book in this series which has 21 original jazz etudes with chords. The CD includes performances of each piece with the soloist and rhythm section on on separate stereo channels. This item is not currently available.

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Lew Tabackin flute with rhythm section. This book has some additional instructional material on jazz playing.

This is a collection of 24 easy to medium level jazz etudes, and 24 simplified guide tone versions of the etudes. They are ideal for learning the basic language of jazz, swing phrasing, and articulation. The guide tone etudes guide tones are the essential or defining notes for each given chord type are followed by a melodious version as the chord changes might actually be performed the rhythms are the same in both versions.

Much more than documents.

On the accompanying CD the soloist Matt Marvuglio demonstrates the 24 melodious etudes together with a professional rhythm section. You can also improvise along with the play-along tracks using the chord symbols. So if improvising is new to you and you find yourself getting lost, you can always return to a guide tone and play rhythmically around it.

Any etude and its corresponding simplified guide tone version can be played together as a duet with or without the CD accompaniment. Wise Publications, PB, pages. This method is based on popular songs, show tunes, and light classics and may be especially suitable for the adult beginner or a younger student who rejects more traditional methods. Features large print. This is the complete edition which includes all four individual books.

Note: This book is now out of print but we have several copies available. Mel Bay Publications, , PB, pages.

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A comprehensive study text for students beginning a serious study of jazz. The first part of the book begins by teaching elements of jazz phrasing, articulation, vibrato and interpretation of rhythms through exercises and original pieces. Next, the book encourages improvisational skills through both theoretical and technical studies of scales and chords. The second half of the book builds on the skills learned in the first part with an in-depth study of the theory, which underlies improvisational techniques including scales, modal concepts and chord construction. Ear training, particularly the development of the ability to hear chord progressions is also emphasized.

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Theodore Presser Co. This is a uniquely comprehensive teaching resource which, in one book, takes the student through the introductory, beginning, and intermediate curriculum. The innovative lesson plans present, in a clear and logical sequence, songs, duets, and creative activities to develop tone, technique, and musicianship. Includes a pioneering 7 page teaching and phrasing guide. F Flute Class by Trevor Wye. A group teaching book for students and teachers.

It is a basic method for group teaching and includes over 70 pieces for class activity, 15 trios and quartets for concerts, scales and arpeggios, and an easy piano part.

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The CDs include recordings of all of the music in the book plus piano only tracks for those pieces with piano accompaniment. A handy text filled with notes on embouchure, hand position, and breath support, daily warm-ups, major and minor scales and arpeggios, lower octave etudes, contemporary etudes, and a trill and note fingering chart.

The easy-to-use format makes it an excellent companion to any beginning to intermediate method. The included CD is an ideal way for the developing flutist to listen to and practice with the solo etudes found in the book. It contains contemporary etudes, lower-octave etudes, and extended range etudes. F Flute Lessons by Simon Hunt. Subtitled: A Practical Workbook. Concise progressive lessons for the beginner with more than 50 duets.

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The book moves fairly fast so it is probably most suitable for a teen aged or older student. F Flute Methods, Studies and Ensembles. CD Sheet Music, Version 2. This CD contains more than pages of methods, studies and ensembles mostly the latter two. Click on the cover for a full listing of the contents. Mel Bay, , PB, pages. This comprehensive method for the beginner to advanced is especially designed for use in private lessons.

It introduces each new concept with fingering exercises, scale exercises, and etudes. Advanced techniques and concepts such as harmonics, vibrato, trills, interpretation, and phrasing are outlined succinctly through descriptive text and musical examples. A segment called "Representative Literature" contains exemplary flute music and photographs of flutes from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods giving students a broad historical perspective of both flute literature and the development and use of various types of flutes.

Progress Press, , PB, 96 pages. A method for self-teaching or teacher instruction for the rank beginner, musical beginner, doubler, flutists need remedial work, and the college-level music education major. This method moves at slow-moderate pace with many musical examples and explanations.

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Carl Fischer, , PB, pages. A traditional elementary flute method which still has a lot to offer in terms of exercises and etudes. Includes a fingering chart with regular, auxiliary, and trill fingerings.

This book was inspired by the authors love of the flute and his desire to share his love by providing information in a more information setting than traditional texts. Subject covered include the world family of flutes, the story of the western flute, finding your flute, caring for your flute, flute technique, making music, modern folk flutes, how the flute works, fingering charts modern flute, eight key flute, baroque one key flute.

Martin's Griffin, PB, pages. This book combines more than fifty carefully selected musical pieces with illustrations, diagrams, and text to give a full, clear explanation of the basics of lute playing. It includes how to purchase and care for your instrument, how to read music, breathing techniques, correct finger position, how to improve tone, and more. Some of the pieces include guitar chords and there are several with piano accompaniment.