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It's not the best period for animal viewing the grass is tall, there's plenty of water so the animal don't crowd over the waterholes , but IMO it's always "worth it" to go to Botswana and Namibia, whatever the time.

Petition calls on Disney to drop 'Hakuna Matata' trademark

And it's not South Africa, Kruger with is paved road in the reserve and loads of people. There's a restrictive policy so not too many people are in the reserve so it's more expensive to get in the reserve In fact, that might be a problem. You need to check asap if there's still availability in Botswana Parks especially if you want to go to Moremi or Savuti. A 4x4 is mandatory if you want to get in Botswana Parks. They won't let you in otherwise.

Okavango Delta Moremi game reserve Chobe national park Kgalagadi transfrontier park Tuli block Tsodilo hills not very toursity, and not for the game.

Disney Faces Backlash Over Its “Hakuna Matata” Trademark

It's a sacred "mountain" for the Bushman, it's quite interesting. We did it from Jo'burg, but in 5 weeks Unless you're up for a LOT of driving and an exhausting trip. If we stay on the beaten path, are we likely to run into other caravans if something happens to our 4x4 so we can seek assistance? Is it feesible to do a circuit around Bots and Northern Namibia and back to J-burg in 4 wks without exhausting driving and enough time at each location?

Is self-serve camping feesible in these parks or other parks in Decemeber? Sound reasonable to make a side trip to Zanzibar for a week will it be extremely hectic over Christmas? Finally, for both Bots and Kenya: What can we do about guides? Possible at each park find a guide to take us out for nights? Thank you so much for your responses!

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My wife is from Mexico and she wants to know everything in advance, whereas I'm more the type to go without a major plan. No doubt, Kenya is the right place to be in December. I am Usizih usizih hotmail. I hope you'll make it Kenya this time, let me know if you have anything concerning your trip to Kenya please. Have a wonderfull trip in Africa, Karibu Kenya, hakuna matata. Hi again The roads do vary from north to south in Botswana.

Northern Botswana is where pretty much all the parks are - the roads are damaged by the elephants, hence a lot of potholes.

Hakuna Matata: Trucking through Africa Peter Lee

If you go a little bit out of the road North of Maun, Tsodillo Hills, the Okavango Pandhandles , you will probably need to take gravel roads and then , you never know quite what to expect. That's why a 4x4 is more confortable to travel in. In Namibia however, the gravel roads are very well maintained therE's more gravel road in the south of the country.

Driving in the sand can be tricky, but I suggest you buy the Bradt guide for Botswana and for Namibia, they are great guidebooks for those country, especially for drivers. To give you an idea of possible tinerary, here was mine for 5 weeks starting and ending in Jo'burg focussing on Namibia see this post Here is also my report of that trip. Reservation in National park both in Namibia and Botswana are set in stone. You really need to reserve those first and then work around those day.

You don't want to take the chance to get to a great game reserve or the Sossusvlei desert, and not finding a camping spot unless if you drive an hour, or if you can't get in the reserve at all!!! That's also why you need to leave yourself enough time for each stop, otherwise a small mecanic problem and you can't make it to your lodge!!

Some private campsites or lodge will take a reservation without charging you anything, so it's easier to cancel those You usually take guides in the parks for a game drive, or you can book a small tour for example, an overnight stay to Okavango Delta. Finally, tell your wife it is really hard to have everything planned before going to Africa!!! Just give you enough time and don't try to see too much!!!

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Trump says 'absolutely moving forward' with census citizenship Facebook exec reminds the world that it won't control Libra Kamala Harris rises, Joe Biden slips in polls after first Key Points. The Disney trademark only applies to T-shirts that also feature "Lion King.

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  • HakunaMatata thank you Disney for popularizing our Swahili language but no this phrase HakunaMatata is a cultural descriptive phrase for Kenyans and Africans at large its not a term to own — Peter Mwas. Related Tags. Trending Now. Trump says 'absolutely moving forward' with census citizenship question, despite claims to contrary.

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