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Despite occasional signs of renewed interest in the Fatimids, modern scholarship has accomplished relatively little in comparison to what has been done on the subsequent Ayyubid and Mamluk periods and it is hoped that this work will facilitate wider programmes of research and scholarship into the dynasty.

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The monograph is essential reading for students and scholars of Islamic history and a valuable addition to the history and historiography of the Fatimids and the Muslim world to which they belonged. The following list is a comprehensive account of modern studies of the Fatimids. A complete bibliography of such works is not easily achieved. This bibliography will be enhanced by the participation of interested scholars. Please regard it as a prime, shared, public resource for the study of Fatimid history.

Use it freely and help keep it current and complete. Notices of corrections, overlooked items, and new entries should be sent to the author, Paul E. Abu-izzeddin, Nejla M. Leiden, Princeton, Salt Lake City, Altmann, A. Oxford, Leipzig, Assaad, Sadik A.

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Beirut, Bacharach, Jere L. Balard, Michel. Naples, Barrucand, Marianne, ed. Paris, Bates, Michael L. Becker, Carl H. Strassburg, Behrens-Abouseif, D. Hyman, ed. Berque, J. Beshir, B. Dissertation, S. Damas, and Blake, H. Hutt and D. Bloom, Jonathan M. Tenth Century A. Bonebakker, S.

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These de doctorat es-Lettres, Sorbonne, Tunis, S. Vermeulen and D. Morgan, ed. Fage, ed. Algiers, Brunschvig, R. Arnaldez and S. Bryer, David R. Gibb Leiden, , pp.

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Cahen, Claude, Yusuf Ragheb and M. Cahen, Claude, with M. Algiers and Paris, Chiarelli, Leonard C. Citarella, A. Cohen, Mark R. Tel Aviv, Arabic translation of Jewish Life in Medieval Egypt, London, Cooper, Richard S. Cornu, Georgette. London and New York, Cowdrey, H. Creswell, K. Tunis, Dadoyan, Seta B. Hambly ed. Cairo, De Goeje, M. Leuven, Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, vol. Louvain, Devisee, J. ElFasi, ed. Dewhurst, R.

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Ehrenkreutz, A. Sharon ed. Eisenstein, H. Damascus, Elsberg, H.

Madrid, Gibb , Leiden, , pp. Garcin, J.

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Gateau, A. Eickelman and J. Piscatori, eds, Muslim Traveler s New York, , pp. Goitein, Solomon D. Bombay, Grunebaum, G. Haji, H. Daftary, ed. Munich, English trans. Young et al. Hamdani, Abbas and F. Hamdani, Husayn F. Cairo, ; 3 rd edition, Cairo, Cairo, ; Cairo, Hitti, P. New York, Hodgson, M. Boyle, Cambridge, , pp. Hrbek, I. Hunsberger, Alice C. Dols; Arabic text ed. Adil S.

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