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Despite a persistent effort to reprocess the deadliest conflict in human history, one important chapter of the post-war period still receives little attention: the fate of about , children of war, who were conceived through rape, love affairs and relationships between German women…. Since the early 70s, the IRA admitted women to join their organisation. Marian 17 and Dolours 21 Price were the first of fifty to take the oath of the IRA, thus binding themselves to an underground life.

Their choices in life were similar to that of all members of the IRA: prison or death.

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Though throughout his life he was unhappy about having to play the villain, he was a darling of the public,…. Going down is always easier.

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Apart from alcohol and an occasional little swindle, they have nothing…. Kristof Kryszinski likes to take it easy. He drives an antique Carina and often needs to stop by the junkyard to replace the parts that have fallen off. He grudgingly feeds a despotic cat. Time, March Place, at Salzburg.

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The King Otto I of Albania is admitted to a lunatic asylum. The tale begins in Constantinople in October , on the eve of the First Balkan War, when Albania declared itself independent after years of Ottoman occupation. As chance would have it, Otto Witte — actor, salon-artiste….

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