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Nova's powers, history, and Marvel Cinematic Universe potential explained

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Nova contacted Hindsight Lad to call in the reserve Warriors. Only the female Turbo and Alex Power now using the name PowerPax with the stolen powers of his siblings responded. Two hours later, the two joined Nova, Sprocket, and Cardinal in Africa. Using radio transmissions Nova's helmet had picked up during the fight, they tracked down the Soldiers and freed all of the the Warriors except for Kymaera, who along with Sparrow had been brainwashed to serve the ones behind the Soldiers of Misfortune, Protocol and his para-military organization Undertow.

All of them teleported away before the Warriors could get Kymaera back. Blaming Night Thrasher for not being around when they could have used him, the group forced him and Rage off the team. While Nova was successful in stopping the plot, Queen Adora deemed him unworthy to wield the Nova Centurion powers any longer.

The Warriors and the new Nova destroyed the underground technology her sons had created years ago but Volx managed to escape.

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The New Warriors soon found themselves with some new members. Scarlet Spider was the clone of Spider-Man who believed himself to be the original for a time. His membership was brief but he was essential in helping the Warriors capture the rampaging Helix , the only survivor of a town killed by Genetech toxins released into the air by the Jackal. Helix awoke with no memory of his past and with strange defensive powers that adapted to whatever attacked him. The Warriors held him at their Crash-Pad as he became more docile and aware of his situation.

He eventually regained the ability to speak, albeit strictly in Spanish, and eventually left in search of his past. Turbo provided him with the means to contact the Warriors, retroactively bestowing upon him membership. Timeslip was a precognitive with limited time manipulation abilities. She had foreseen Speedball's death and joined the team in an effort to prevent it. Spider-Man thanked the team afterwards. Meanwhile, Night Thrasher decided to lead a new team and gathered the remaining members of Psionex to properly train them.

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Unfortunately, the two teams came into conflict when they both attempted to stop an attack by Genecide and her team Eugenix on a health clinic owned by the Taylor Foundation. Firestar happened to be there for medical testing, to see whether her mutant microwave powers had effected her sterility. Genecide's ability to see the genetic make-up of anyone led her to a mission of genetic cleansing by eliminating modern medical intervention. After patients were killed and medical records were destroyed, Genecide and her group escaped, but not before revealing Night Thrasher's "minor mutation" and Firestar's risk of sterilizing herself if she continued to use her powers at the levels she had been.

It was shortly after those events where Timeslip's vision of Speedball's death came true. First, the Warriors were attacked by the Guardians of the Galaxy , who were in search of a time anomaly. Then, the merged Sphinx arrived and terminated the anomaly, Speedball. However, what none of the Warriors realized at the time was that the Speedball who died was actually Darrion Grobe , a young man from the year Darrion had replaced the original Speedball when he was trapped in the kinetic dimension to travel back in time to prevent his father from conquering all of time as Advent.

In the end, the Warriors rescued the real Speedball and returned Darrion's future to normal.

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Around that time, Carlton, who had abbreviated his name to Hindsight, had been re-directing some Avengers resources to the Warriors, providing new costumes, communication badges, and a construction crew to repair the damaged Crash-Pad. The Avengers eventually discovered this and put a stop to it. But the reconstruction led to the discovery of a sub-basement in the facility, which contained a small sect of former Hydra agents led by Mother of Pearl. Hindsight, the other Warriors, and the Avengers dismantled their plans and had them arrested. Night Thrasher then decided to try to make amends with the Warriors by freeing Kymaera from the Undertow.

With information the Mad Thinker secretly provided to Night Thrasher, Kymaera was successfully rescued. At the same time, the Warriors were dealing with the return of Volx, who had killed Mike Jeffries the male Turbo to obtain the Torpedo armor. She then stole the Warriors' Smartship Friday , Power Pack's sentient spaceship which they had recently been using as transportation, and intended to activate Forge 's neo-neutralizer, a weapon she had stolen from the US government that would eliminate the powers of every hero and villain on Earth.

The Warriors pursued with the help of the new Nova. Before the neo-neutralizer could be activated, Nova shot down Friday, who crash landed in Greenland. During the battle, Garthan Saal was mortally wounded. As he died, he transferred his powers back to Richard Rider, who once again became Nova.

However, Volx was still able to activate the damaged neo-neutralizer, which temporarily canceled out the powers of everyone in the area. But Night Thrasher still had the use of his armor and weapons and took the opportunity to slay Volx. With Nova back in action, Kymaera free, and Night Thrasher and Rage back, the team was at last reunited. However, the event left the Warriors changed. With his friend Friday badly damaged due to his own teammates firing on him, Alex Power who had been calling himself Powerhouse left the team and returned their respective powers to his siblings.

It is unknown whether Timeslip ever got her powers back. She was standing closest to the neo-neutralizer when it went off and has not been seen since. Hindsight seemed interested in being trained in the use of the Torpedo armor with Turbo but has never been seen since. The remaining Warriors returned to New York to find all out chaos at the hands of Onslaught and an army of Sentinels , which resulted in the disappearance of most of the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

The Warriors stepped up their crime-fighting efforts, assisting in the pursuit of the Thunderbolts , a group of super-villains from the Masters of Evil who had been posing as heroes. They also assisted Ultragirl in combating fires in Los Angeles. Kymaera returned to Atlantis to rule in Namor's absence. When the missing Avengers and Fantastic Four returned, Firestar and Justice found themselves helping the Avengers combat Morgan le Fay , eventually earning themselves full Avengers membership.