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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xiii. Pages Freemasonry and Power: The Paradoxes of Petersburg. Utopia and Reform in Moscow: N. Russian Rosicrucianism, between East and West. All my family liked it so much! Souvenirs there are not overpriced. Obviously the "trick fountains" of Peterhof were rebuilt after the devastation of World War II; but one wonders how ancient were the original ones.

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It's commonly believed that they have been created by the will of the same Peter I the Great. It may be that there are documents to prove it; but the information I've read, talks about the creation of these Fountains beginning from the second half of the eighteenth century, so after the Peter's reign. However, even if they are uncertain in their origin, the trick Fountains are fun and original.

Why they are fun, I don't need to explain. I say they are original, because I know only one example more even older of Fountains aimed at watering guests, still working: the Hellbrunn Palace park, near Salzburg , Austria. It may be that there are other examples, but I don't know any.

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Top Attractions in Strelna. Peterhof Grand Palace 3. Park And Gardens of Peterhof 5. Monastery of the Holy Trinity St.

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Sergius Maritime Men's Deserts 6. The Bath Block 7. Sea Strelna Museum 8. Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh 9. Sovereign's Fun Chapel of St. Top Restaurants in Strelna. Russkaya Versalia 2.

Severnaya Venezia 3. Dacha Lindstrema 4.


Strelna 5. Eurasia 6. Dvoye 7. Slavyanskiy Dvorik 8. Restaurant Yacht Club 9. Chito Gvrito Restaurant Khan Bai.

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Beryozovaya Alley, 3, Strelna , St. Overall Ratings 4. Reviewed By Pammie56 - Clutton This palace was recently restored and is used as Putins residence when he is in the area.

Peterhof Grand Palace. Razvodnaya St. Bolnichnaya Gorka St. Park And Gardens of Peterhof. Razvodnaya st.

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Overall Ratings 5 based on reviews. Reviewed By BobandJosie - Reading , United Kingdom With snow still very much around, and crunching underfoot, we looked down from the main Terrace overlooking the Fountains not working and the sumptuous gilded statuary surrounding the cascades. Sergius Maritime Men's Deserts.

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Sankt-Peterburgskoye hwy, 15, Strelna , St. Overall Ratings 5 based on 8 reviews.