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It is also fortunate to have in Peter Strawson not just one of the greatest living philosophers, but also the leading proponent of analytic Kantianism.

Kenneth R Westphal | Bogazici University -

Strawson's seminal Individuals rehabilitated metaphysics as a respectable enterprise within analytic philosophy. It also inaugurated a distinctly Kantian project-descriptive metaphysics-and placed the idea of transcend- ental arguments at the centre of epistemological, metaphysical, and method- ological debate.

It was followed by The Bounds of Sense, a brilliant and provocative discussion of the first Critique, which continues to influence I ant scholarship by way of inspiration and opposition alike.

PHILOSOPHY: Immanuel Kant

It was only natural, therefore, for the UK Kant Society to devote one of its annual conferences to Strawson. The conference was hosted by the Departn1ent of Philosophy at the University of Reading, and took place on September It was the first conference on Strawson in Britain for a long time, and the very first to concentrate on his relation to Kant. In this latter respect, the proceedings of the conference complement three other collections of essays on Strawson, in which Kantian themes are mentioned only in passing.

Strawson and Analytic Kantianism

I was fortunate to secure the collaboration not just of Sir Peter himself, but also of some of his eminent pupils, admirers, and critics. The papers divide loosely into three kinds.

Some of them, namely those by Strawson, Hacker, Bird, Cassam, Stroud, and n1yself, deal with general questions con- cerning the nature of Strawson's Kantianism and of his rehabilitation of metaphysics. Taken as a whole, the collection ranges from Kant interpretation and the history of analytic philosophy through philosophical logic, metaphysics, and epistemology to the philosophy of mind and 1 Z. Strawson Oxford: Clarendon Press, ; P. Sen and R.

Verma eds. Hahn ed. In this, it reflects the range of Peter Strawson's own philosoph- ical interests and achievements. The following abstracts, provided by the authors themselves, give a more detailed picture of their contents. Peter Strawson's opening essay falls into three parts.

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