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It isn't especially interesting. Perhaps the writer wanted to highlight the inane existence of this young girl, and contrast this against the transformation that is occuring to her as she is slowly being transformed into a vampire by her lover.

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I would give it three stars, because it is well-written, but rather dry for my tastes. I thought the story I read by Aickman in "New Terrors" was better. It has sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence, reincarnation, lesbian love ahem, sex , you name it. It's set in London in the late 70s or early 80s. This story even has a Freud-esque parapsychologist chap who hypnotizes people to get them in touch with their past lives. Wagner is a very good writer.

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He is great at transmitting detail and setting the scene. I am not that interested in reading about people who take drugs liberally and party like it's in all the ways possible. But you definitely have to hand it to him in his skill of writing this type of setting. I felt like I was right there and I wanted to head for the door.

I must say this is a unique type of vampire story. I've read it twice now.

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The first time was in The Vampire Hunter's Casebook a few years ago. However, I was still surprised at the ending. You are drawn in, feeling a sense of slowly escalating dread and fear for what awaits the young woman Lisette. Although I got a little bored with some of the scenes, I wanted to keep reading to see where Wagner would lead me. Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons takes a different approach to the vampire legend.

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Well-written, sharp, suspenseful, and I hated this story. These creatures that appear to be humans are complete moral vacuums. You may laugh and say, "That's what a vampire is, chica. I do believe that some vampires are completely evil. But some are basically more like predators.

They prey on humans to live. These creatures in this novel have made a game out of 'using' humans to do horrible deeds to win bets against each other. They are psychic vampires, and derive energy from humans. But there is a cruelty that is callous and unnecessary in how they use and destroy humans. Human life has no value whatsoever.

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This story is full of collateral damage, which I absolutely abhor in novels and books. While it succeeds in unnerving the reader, it also feels this reader with a complete repugnance. Let me state the obvious: I won't be reading this story ever again.

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I'd give it two stars for the quality of writing. I cannot give it any more because of how awful it made me feel to read it. The Yougoslaves by Robert Bloch takes place in Paris, and the city comes alive in Bloch's deft hands. The glamor of Paris is paired to seedy squalor of the underbelly. This story is like believing you're going to get hit with a right-cross and instead getting socked with the left instead. I was expecting one thing, and was excited to see what Block would do with the Yougoslaves.

Boy was I wrong. I love those stories that manage to surprise me. This was an enjoyable story. Definitely a four star story.

I read the last sentence and felt tears come to my eyes. It was a story about love in its most unlikely, but somehow destined form. This story had vampires in the sinister form, but also a sympathetic vampire. It had bad, cruel humans, and a good-hearted human. It was a story of self-sacrifice and how love can come of it. I rate this story five stars for its beauty and for the pure message in it.

I felt for the narrator, who lived a twilght existence, but passes over into something much worse. The best kind of vampire stories, I find as I get older, are the ones where you feel a sense of pity for the creature of the night. The ones what make you sad, and wonder, what if? Maybe he could change. This is one of those. Blood Disease by Patrick McGrath was another good story. It was very well written, and I liked the narrative tone, kind of like a person who is relating a case in the past tense, but also in present tense.

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It's set in the s and has a very interesting premise, that seems to veer away from what is expected with the information given at the beginning of the tale. Small town people in England drain the blood of the rich people who come to stay at their hotel, out of psychosis induced by pernicious anemia. This story has one of those endings that's like a question mark. This is a four star read. An excerpt from the novel Midnight Mass by F.

Paul Wilson is the next story in this collection. This was a five star read. Wilson is an incredible writer. He has an ease with words and is a very good storytelling.

Stolen Child

This story was chilling down to the bone. But at the same time, it was uplifting, showing something I believe down to the bottom of my heart. That faith can save a person. You don't have to be perfect or without sin. As long as you have faith, you can be saved. The vampires in this story were awful. To think how they desecrated that church. I love how the unlikely heroes, Joe a disgraced, alcoholic young priest , and Zev an orthodox Jew who has seen most of his people destroyed by the vampire horde take a stand and take back the church that was Joe's first parish.

It might be one of my favorite stories, other than the Tanith Lee story. This was a one star story as far as I'm concerned. It turned my stomach. I hate stories, movies, and tv shows that are gross just to be gross.