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Entangled Particles Illusion : These particles are able to stay in contact miles apart.

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The mechanism for so doing remains strange and physically unexplainable. This is expected, because both are then pulling in the same direction. However, when the eclipse actually occurs their gravitational pull mysteriously dips.

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This is in need of an explanation. This ignored anomaly has no explanation consistent with current theory. Inertia is greater for small forces. In fact, early on, the Ehrenfest showed that length shortening is problematic. While in a lab setup it seemingly went backwards only a small fraction of a second, according to the original proposal, it can theoretically go back billions of years.

In reality time never goes backwards.

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Gravitation-Acceleration Equivalence: This assertion, the cornerstone of general relativity, maintains that no experiment can be constructed to distinguish between the two. Since the spin velocity is so great that the outer shell of the particles would be moving much faster than lightspeed, it was dubiously decided that spin is purely a quantum effect with nothing actually spinning. It is said to have no classical counterpart, as if that jargon clears it up.

The point has been reached where we must accept that something is very wrong with our notion of physics, where the simplest observables can't be explained. Familiarity is not a substitute for understanding. It can't be fixed by just tweaking the current paragon. It resolves these issues, and much more. Prior to writing this expanded third edition of The Gyroverse, Donald Wortzman wrote Daughters of Ishtar, a fiction thriller about a contemporary conspiracy with roots going back over years to a matriarchal tribe whose folklore was the precursor to the Hebrew Bible. He has presented many original research papers, on a variety of technical subjects at major scientific conferences.

He has also completed his course work toward a Ph.


Most of his working life was in the field of engineering design. While it might seem odd that an engineer rather than a physicist would propose such a theory, this model of the universe and the rules that govern it are more of an engineering design than a mathematical formalism. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Block Allow.

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This Ingardenia volume is the second in the Analecta Husserliana series that is entirely devoted to the phenomenology of Roman Ingarden. The first was volume IV Twenty years after Ingarden's death, this volume demonstrates that the Polish phenomenologist's contribution to philosophy and literary scholarship has received world-wide attention.

It offers an understanding of how the universe actually works. The equivalence of the masses of gravity and inertia, a year mystery, is solved.

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  6. The big bang theory is described, without resorting to Inflation Theory. Additionally, particle spin, anti-matter, duality, quantum entanglement, non-simultaneity, and many other phenomena are simply explained.

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    Nevertheless, from the inside, where we reside, the entire three-dimensional universe is on the surface of a four-dimensional sphere expanding outwardly at the speed of light. Consequently, matter is not energy, but is mass in motion In den Warenkorb. Melden Sie sich an, um diesen Artikel zu bewerten. Bitte anmelden.