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The Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

Since he has collaborated as a sound engineer with the label Via Veneto Jazz, with whom he also collaborated with artistic production and for which he recorded a cd as author "Essendo la mia casa addormentata". Since , after his experience with SNS, Frame, Frammenti di Caos and Entropia he started to be sound director specialized in surround recordings and live actes with contemporary music group Alterego. Actually he writes music for movies and orchestra recordings. His interest in production takes place in the late s with the purchase of the first synthesizers. In he created a recording studio together with Eugenio Vatta.

Together they refine their technical and musical skills, starting to lay the foundations for the development of their own personal sound that will blur in separate productions, but also in collaboration under the pseudonym Frame. After some releases on Roman electronic techno-labels such as Sysmo and Mystic, in he created his label Plasmek with which he developed his own musical ideas more and succeeds in giving room to other techno and electronic producers in Rome.

The label will become the next year one of the constituent elements of a Roman label pool called Finalfrontier that have been created on with Marco Passarani, owner of Nature and Pigna records.

FIFA 18 · The Journey: Hunter Returns FULL MOVIE + ENDING - Cinematics/Cutscenes (60fps Gameplay)

He has always been interested to spread theories and news about electronic music so he has started working as a speaker on several Roman radios and writing for some foreign magazines Under One Sky - New York, EAR - Strasbourg, Freestyler - Zurich. In , he created the first fanzine of Italian techno and electronics called Tunnel. Writing interviews and reviews, he collaborated with Orbeat, the first free mag techno and electronic electronic produced in Naples, Superfly, a bi-monthly music magazine made in Rome and electronic music sites electronique.


In he released for the publishing company Stampa Alternativa, the book "Mondo Techno" about the origins of techno music in Detroit and its diffusion in Italy. The book is going to be re-pressed on Track Listing: 1. Mercury 2. Venus 3. Earth 4.


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Mars 5. Jupiter 6. Saturn 7.

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