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The rending of the rocks, therefore, would lay them open. The graves were opened by this earthquake, but the dead in them did not rise until after his resurrection. And many bodies of the saints arose - Of course, it is not known who these were, nor what became of them. It is probable that they were persons who had recently died, and they appear to have been known in Jerusalem; at least, had the ancient saints risen, they would not have been known, and would not so soon have been credited as those who had recently died.

Which slept - Which had died. The death of saints is often called "sleep," Daniel ; 1 Corinthians ; 1 Thessalonians Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose—These sleeping saints see on []1Th were Old Testament believers, who—according to the usual punctuation in our version—were quickened into resurrection life at the moment of their Lord's death, but lay in their graves till His resurrection, when they came forth.

But it is far more natural, as we think, and consonant with other Scriptures, to understand that only the graves were opened, probably by the earthquake, at our Lord's death, and this only in preparation for the subsequent exit of those who slept in them, when the Spirit of life should enter into them from their risen Lord, and along with Him they should come forth, trophies of His victory over the grave.

Thus, in the opening of the graves at the moment of the Redeemer's expiring, there was a glorious symbolical proclamation that the death which had just taken place had "swallowed up death in victory"; and whereas the saints that slept in them were awakened only by their risen Lord, to accompany Him out of the tomb, it was fitting that "the Prince of Life … should be the First that should rise from the dead" Ac ; 1Co , 23; Col ; Re Thus, while it was not deemed fitting that He Himself should appear again in Jerusalem, save to the disciples, provision was made that the fact of His resurrection should be left in no doubt.

It must be observed, however, that the resurrection of these sleeping saints was not like those of the widow of Nain's son, of Jairus' daughter, of Lazarus, and of the man who "revived and stood upon his feet," on his dead body touching the bones of Elisha 2Ki —which were mere temporary recallings of the departed spirit to the mortal body, to be followed by a final departure of it "till the trumpet shall sound. The Centurion's Testimony Mt Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible And the graves were opened, Which were near the city of Jerusalem: this was a proof of Christ's power over death and the grave, by dying; when he through death, destroyed him that had the power of it, and abolished death itself; and became the plague of death and the destruction of the grave, taking into his hands the keys of hell and death: and many bodies of saints which slept, arose: not that they arose at the time of Christ's death: the graves were opened then, when the earth quaked, and the rocks were rent; but the bodies of the saints did not arise, till after Christ was risen, as appears from the following verse; but because the other event now happened, they are both recorded here: these were saints, and such as slept in Jesus; and of whom he is the first fruits that now rose; and not all, but many of them, as pledges of the future resurrection, and for the confirmation of Christ's, and the accomplishment of a prophecy in Isaiah In the Septuagint on Job , Job is said to be one of them, and a tradition is there recorded, which runs thus: "it is written, that he rose with whom the Lord rose.

But it should seem rather, that they were some later saints, such as Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, John the Baptist himself, good old Simeon, Joseph the husband of Mary, and others, well known to persons now alive. Some think they were such, as had been martyrs in the cause of religion; and so the Persic version renders the words, "and the bodies of many saints who suffered martyrdom, rose out of the graves".

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Of the Saints , who had died either a long while before the birth of Christ, or not much after see Gnomon on John , from all tribes no doubt. The ancients appear to have considered Job to have been one of these; for, at the end of his book, the LXX. Pulpit Commentary Verse The earthquake tore away the stones that closed the mouths of many of the adjacent tombs. This and the following fact are mentioned only by St. Matthew anticipates the time of the actual occurrence of the marvel, which took place, not at this moment, but after our Lord's resurrection, who was "the firstfruits of them that slept" see the next verse.

Who are meant by "the saints" here is doubtful. The Jews probably would have understood the term to apply to the worthies of the Old Testament comp. But the opening of the sepulchres in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem would not have liberated the bodies of many of those who were buried far away. The persons signified must be those who in life had looked for the hope of Israel, and had seen in Christ that hope fulfilled; they were such as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathaea, true believers, who are called saints in the New Testament.

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How did these bodies arise? They were not mere phantoms, unsubstantial visitants from the spirit world, for they were in some sense corporeal. That they were not resuscitated corpses, as Lazarus, Jairus's daughter and the son of the widow, who lived for a time a second life, seems plain from the expression applied to them in the next verse, that "they appeared unto many," i.

Some have thought that in them was anticipated the general resurrection, that, delivered from Hades and united to their bodies, they died no more, but at the Ascension accompanied Christ into heaven. Scripture says nothing of all this, nor have we any reason to suppose that any human body, save that of our blessed Lord mediaeval legends add that of the Virgin Mary , has yet entered the highest heaven see Hebrews , Another opinion is that these were not strictly resurrections, but bodily appearances of saints like those of Moses and Elias at the Transfiguration; but it is a straining of language to make the evangelist describe such visitations as bodies arising from open sepulchres.

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Farrar tries to elude the difficulty by a supposition, as baseless as it is dishonouring to the evangelist's strict and simple veracity. He writes, "An earthquake shook the earth and split the rocks, and as it rolled away from their places the great stones which closed and covered the cavern sepulchres of the Jews, so it seemed to the imaginations of many to have disimprisoned the spirits of the dead, and to have filled the air with ghostly visitants, who, after Christ had risen, appeared to linger in the holy city. Only in some such way," he adds, "can I account for the singular and wholly isolated allusion of Matthew.

Matthew was probably an eyewitness of that which he relates, and might have been confuted by his contemporaries, if he had stated what was not true. Years ago, as a young woman, she'd been a student nurse taking her psychiatric affiliation at the state hospital. Now, matured and af Gail Sarandon runs for her life after witnessing a murder.

Found by Special Agent Jason Tregarth, the two are spotted by the murderer and pursued. After a car crash, Gail and Jason are taken in by the inhabitants of Dagon House who all have secrets o Upon discovering her father, a Union doctor, is ill and imprisoned in Virginia's infamous Libby Prison, Barbara Thackery is determined to travel south from Ohio to bring him the medicine he needs.

Her attempt to catch a train, however, results in her Everything from ghouls to the heart-eating Egyptian beast who decides one's fate. Even the touches of romance are definitely different. But what traveler can expect the norm when on the wrong side of midnight? N Cozz: A dragon who fears becoming an outcast lays a wrong color egg. Is that alien machine outside her cave her answer? Earth: What happens when a young woman born to die and an impossible beast fall in love? Unwanted: In the world into which redhead Ella with her green eyes falls, red-haired green-eyed women are killed on sight as witches Red-haired, green-eyed Ella Mack is lucky enough to cheat death when her car skids off a Nevada cliff.

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But she also finds it hard to resist him A fairy tale about an innocent princess who believes what happens to her is a romantic dream. She has no idea the dream was a reality with consequences that will threaten her very life. How can she save herself and those she loves? Two ten-year-old girls, Ari and Mandy vanish. One is found so traumatized she can't remember what happened or who she is. A barrette in her hair with a name on It identifies her as Ari. An uncle and aunt arrive and take her away from Null House.

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And once she a Who are the Moonrunners? Why have they been blessed--or cursed--with unusual powers that make others fear them? Will they ever be able to bring their strange talents under control? As they try to live and love as ordinary humans do, they search despe Seth Kinman's annual Leonid party becomes exciting when an apparent meteorite strikes a nearby pond.

Seth, his girlfriend, Kara, and Danny, the young son of one of Seth's friends, find what they believe to be meteorite shards in the form of oval rock Andrea Sullivan receives a French Tarot card in the mail with a cryptic message that sends her hurrying from her home in Michigan to Gatineau Park in Canadas's Quebec Province. She expects to meet her best friend there, but instead finds Yvonne, her When Kegan Kendall, an English aristocrat in America, rescues an Indian Maiden held captive by the Sioux, he has no idea his life is forever changed.

Snow Flower, a respected Mide shaman among the Anishinabe, has vowed never to wed a white man. Esma Drake, fresh from the orphanage, arrives at Seacliff House to care for sickly five-year-old Alisette.

Esma soon finds the household uneasy. The child's father and captain of Sea Dragon, Stephan Nicolai, is years overdue at port and to Esma's dis Who has the stolen money? Taken from the thief by a killer, hidden away from him, then lost in the Sierras, where is it now? Convinced that three women have it, he and his men pursue them as they flee through the mountains during a violent storm. When a hugger doll enters Hally Varney's life she doesn't at first understand the danger.

But Police Sergeant Clint Hendrick soon realizes that he should have paid more attention to his old granny's superstitions.