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The Original Caretakers Visit promotes principles of eco-justice and spiritual earth stewardship. The South American Elders wish to restore the health and balance of our world by bringing attention to North American sacred sites. Donations to support the visit and to assist the repurchase of native lands may be made at TheOracleInstitute.

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It encourages students from elementary school through college to turn their creativity into innovation while teaching patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and the collaborative problem-solving process. Featured in the expo, Destination Imagination hosted an Oracle Academy experience that gave its global finalists a hands-on look at Alice and Coding the Finch Robot with Greenfoot.

Student participants learned the basics of Java programming concepts through developing 3-D animation with Alice and the participants learned Greenfoot to program an interface to make the Finch robot move. Destination Imagination teams used their critical thinking skills needed for coding in our Oracle Academy coding kitchen to prepare a meal. Teams worked together to construct a recipe and the steps needed to program a chef to cook the perfect dish. One false step and the chef would not complete the meal. He manages a teaching staff of 30, designs the curriculum, ensures delivery, and is responsible for partnerships.

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Today Yuda and his colleagues teach the Oracle Academy curriculum to 1, Computer Science students in first to final year as well as to some classes within Electrical Engineering. Oracle Academy: Why did you select Oracle Academy as a resource for teaching computer science? Yuda: I am a programmer and I love databases. For me, the Oracle Academy curriculum is perfectly suited to teaching Java and database to students from all backgrounds and skill sets and preparing them for the Indonesian job market.

What I like about Oracle Academy is that it levels the playing field. Students at UMM come from many different areas in Indonesia with varying educational backgrounds and abilities. Oracle Academy serves as a bridge for equipping them with a standard knowledge base, putting them all on the same level.

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When it comes to programming, Alice and Greenfoot have been excellent starter resources for later creating applications using NetBeans or Eclipse. Yuda: All of it! The curriculum is perfect for students to acquire industry leading knowledge and apply for jobs.

Oracle Academy content supplies the materials for our courses and has become part of student credits. By that, I mean that we combine the results of Oracle Academy quizzes and exams with our own mid-term and final exams for the final grading.

The Oracle: Principles of Creative Sciences

We find that students who pass Oracle Academy exams almost always do fine in the final University exams. Yuda: My colleagues and I combine classroom instruction with lab work at least twice a week in five classes, each with students.

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Five of us teach Java Programming and three teach Database technology. My colleagues have all taken Oracle Academy training and have applied for Oracle Certified Associate certification. Yuda: We push our students to obtain Oracle certification, which most of them do after graduating. It certainly gives them an advantage when it comes to jobs. Yuda: For sure, jobs in database and Java programming are abundant.

The market is very large and growing day by day. Anyone completing Oracle Academy courses—in any university or vocational school in Indonesia—will qualify for those jobs. A large number of them have founded start-ups in video games, mobile applications, and other creative industries. What was that experience like? I joined the train-the-trainer program in and since then I have trained some teachers in Indonesia and teachers in the Philippines.

In Indonesia, where hundreds of Vocational Schools have joined the Oracle Academy program, I find that most teachers have basic programming or database knowledge but they do not know the specific features or techniques of Java Fundamentals or database design.