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So begins a tale of intrigue as Ed tries to uncover the killer and get a story for his news program, but he runs into a series of road blocks and death threats along the way as he uncovers a disastrous plot against the US from an unexpected source. An interesting take on history Action packed fiction, hey, it coulda happened. Some, maybe even most, are.

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Just enough are not to make this believable. A spellbinder!

A fan of historical-based novels, I found Lando's book totally engaging with just enough spy-thrills to keep me reading non-stop for two straight days. Thanks, Barry for a great read! Gar W.

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Greed deceit intrigue I truly enjoyed the story, I'm very familiar with the complicity that US corporations had with Nazi Germany. I particularly enjoyed the twist with the Israeli involvement. Fast-moving page turner. Exciting tale of Middle East politics combined with terrorism. In the middle of it all is a television journalist who is always wrestling with the demands placed on him by this network superiors and doing what he knows to be is the right thing to do.

Just when you think our hero is at last safe, here comes another difficult entanglement.

Keeps things interesting. Well written and not beyond belief. Refreshing to read something that isn't so biased toward Israel that it fails to give a contrary view. Feb 22, Dennis rated it really liked it.

Watchman – A File and Directory Watching Tool for Changes

I really enjoyed this book. I think it's the author's first. The plot got a bit convoluted but Lando did a good job of including clues with each set of actions or characters that helped me remember who was doing what. Good action Good action good action scenes built around a somewhat unbelievable plot involving Nazi's, Palestinian terrorists. Israelis, a political royal news family and a news guy.

This was an engaging exciting read. The Watchman's File I was intrigued from the beginning, all the characters were so real.

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I have recommended this book to friends. I give it four and a half stars Linda Root rated it really liked it Oct 25, Charles Laws rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Lloyd W Matthews rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Carmel Martin rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Aaron Benedict rated it did not like it Feb 25, Becki rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Gary rated it really liked it Mar 25, Barbara Berry rated it really liked it Jun 12, Robert L.

Wegman rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Ed rated it really liked it Aug 30, Rae Weniger rated it really liked it Apr 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Barry M.

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Barry M. Born in Canada, studied in Europe and the U. These two lines establish a watch on a source directory and then set up a trigger named buildme that will run a tool named minify-css whenever a CSS file is changed. The tool will be passed a list of the changed filenames.

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Watchman A file watching service Get Started. Failed to load latest commit information. Install You should install Watchman to make the most of this module. Each watched directory is called a root. You must initiate a watch on a root using the watch-project command prior to subscribing to changes Rather than separately watching many sibling directories, watch-project consolidates and re-uses existing watches relative to a project root the location of your.

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