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As a matter of fact, since , nearly 14 million people have viewed a video by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt crooning it alone!

Missing lyrics by Ella Fitzgerald?

Rufus Wainwright spins the selection in his unique way. Barry Manilow gives the standard a romantic reworking. Also, Bette Midler covers the classic song.

The legendary Patti LaBelle croons the tune as only she can. Either way, if was not quite what you hoped it would be Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. The Sorceress Get Tix Now!

Nancy Wilson:What Are You Doing New Years Eve Lyrics

Tweet Share. Maybe It's Much Too Early While Thanksgiving can always be counted on for a day complete with fulfillment, nourishment and appreciation and Christmas Day may forever remain emblematic of joy, magic and giving, the holidays that occur exactly one week later have a far more melancholy shading to them for many of us - New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Alpha and omega; beginning and ending; past and future - all come to a head on the last day of December and so accordingly rush to mind the memories of what has come to pass and hopeful dreams of the potential future. How to sum up those feelings in a moment, a phrase Surely, few have conjured up the bittersweet emotion of the singular midnight holiday better than multi-award-winning songwriter Frank Loesser with his insinuating stunner "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

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It's a testament to the terrific tune, ingratiating lyric and uniquely absorbing mood that time has treated the song so well - and, so, now, we celebrate it as we say goodbye to and look ahead to the brand new year that is soon upon us! That same year, Margaret Whiting contributed her version of the soon-to-be American classic. Next, sample Nancy Wilson 's winning take on the tune.

Ella Fitzgerald lends it her characteristic brilliance. Barbra Streisand infuses the song with her delectable flair.

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Surely every time my friend pulls a song out of the capsule and exposes it to light, a little bit of its lustre fades. Surely every time Warhol smelled Goya Aqua Manda, the memory of those three months in started to corrode. You're stealing something from the past and exposing it to a new and unfriendly atmosphere. Everything rusts. I've listened to Kacey Musgraves's Golden Hour every week this year.


I've written about it a lot, and I've tried to avoid making it personal because criticism is a strange job. Using the first person can be a crutch sometimes. Why would a reader from, say, Atlanta care about the fact that I can't hear "Rainbow" without thinking about where I was the exact moment I first heard it? That I was wondering what I was doing with my life, thousands of miles away from one home and a few hundred feet from another?

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That the early-spring sun was bouncing off the glass and all but blinding me? If I met that hypothetical Atlantan at a bar and launched into some rhapsodic praise for Kacey Musgraves it's a habit would I lead with that moment? Would I mention it at all? Would I even tell my own mother? I doubt it. But it's difficult to escape what we might broadly call "nostalgia. It's phases and stages. It's a slow burn. I turned 28 at midnight, and I re-read that essay first thing this morning on my way back to London.

I think Kyle's right—time and memory move in those "phases and stages"—but I'm not there yet. I can only think of one way to confront the passage of time: just stumble. Remember and forget. Travel through time in spirals of different sizes, occasionally jutting out at odd angles.

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You hear "When Doves Cry" and remember the time it came on the radio, seven years ago, with you sat in the passenger seat of a Prius, half-laughing while consoling your best friend's girlfriend because he'd just flown to Cuba and the song was too perfect. Or you end up on YouTube watching Fela Kuti's "Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am," and you're thrown back to another car, this one outside a dive bar, telling the person you loved that you wouldn't leave and get a drink until all eight minutes of the thing were through, and they smiled.

After that, maybe you spend a week in bed watching The Good Place or whatever, unable to pry yourself away from the sheets for anything other than the delivery guy.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Collection - (Remastered High Quality )

Or maybe you go to work.